Network Monthly: 29th June

The next instalment in the now legendary series of NHNM nights takes place on 29 June and is this year’s ‘Summer Special’, featuring loads of ‘fun in the sun’ extras as well as the usual mixture of emerging artists, free booze and good vibes. For more details contact Notting Hill’s Head of Mischief John Saunderson…

Future Of Music: 24th May 2017

On Wednesday 24th May at 4pm in the Gallery, unit 5, Berklee Online brings you a talk on the future of music within two key sectors: Live & Sync.

Hear industry professionals discuss current standards, themes, tools and strategy in two of the strongest sectors within the music industry.

Register for the event here.

Modular Synth Meet-up: 13th May 2017

Modular Synth Meet-Up The CV Freqs Modular synth meet/showcase and performance is a regular event that takes place at various venues across London and on May 13th, from 2pm-10pm, it’s stopping at Tileyard. Collaboratively hosted by Forksound Modular (Tileyard), Eden Grey (CV Freqs) and LOOSE LIPS, this is a day to come together and share…

Jaxsta Tileyard

JAXSTA info session: 10th May

The Jaxsta journey started in 2013, to answer a first-hand need for a validated data source that ensures credit is shared where credit is due. Jaxsta is bringing back ‘the story behind the music’ with a comprehensive database of verified musical credits and contributor information. Following a successful closed beta period in February, Jaxsta is on…

Outside Voices: 9th May

Outside Voices is a charity fundraiser, in partnership with Tileyard Education, with all proceeds going to Depaul UK. The night will feature live music, panels and real stories from those affected by homelessness and discussing how music can play a part in helping those most vulnerable. There will be talks from CYP, Urban Development, Cardboard Citizens,…

Network Monthly: 27 April


The next network monthly with Notting Hill Music is 27th April. You’ll regret missing it. Don’t do that to yourself.

This time MFL, our favourite resident merch company, is on board as a sponsor. Another chance to see some of their fantastic products! Other sponsors include New Media Law and Professional Sound and Light.