FUGA builds technology and provides services for content owners, record labels and distributors, enabling them to optimize their business processes and successfully execute their digital strategy.
Products include an easy-to-use asset management system, extensive real-time distribution tools and full circle financial reporting & analytics software.
With FUGA at the heart of a music company’s operations it becomes easy and effective to manage, distribute, promote music assets and collect and analyse revenues.
FUGA is connected to hundreds of digital service providers worldwide ranging from download- and streaming stores to anti-piracy services, aggregators, video platforms and audio recognition services.
FUGA’s aggregation service allows our clients to make use of our contracts with DSPs in addition to any direct DSP deals they may already have; a unique offering in the industry. This additional service presents a flexible gateway to DSPs through FUGA’s deals, allowing 100% market coverage without the infrastructure & investment previously required to achieve this.