Music Business School London Ltd (“MBS”) was founded in 2010 by Steve Melhuish, the owner and sole Director. MBS offers an intensive fast-track course in Commercial Music in London giving a practical introduction to contemporary music business and management to both artists and administrators seeking to build their knowledge.

The unique selling point of the MBS program is that it seeks to distill the best of the content of degree and diploma courses into a focused course delivered over thirteen one-day sessions, over a 3 month period. This offers several particular benefits to students.

(i)                 The course is very up-to-date, as the classes are each delivered several times each year and are regularly updated to include updates on issues within the music business and preventing them being outdated.

(ii)               essentials are delivered but at an affordable cost and time commitment compared to academic courses, making the information accessible to a far wider range of people including particularly artists and new staff from companies who can’t wait for a year for them to absorb the basics .

(iii)             A very strong roster of guest lecturers and depth of content compared with other short-courses, delivered in a convenient location.